There are a plethora of options available on how to reach the renowned paradise: Leh-Ladakh. But what really makes the difference and literally turns it into THE DREAM RIDE is the 'way' in which this journey is undertaken.
It’s not only a question of how much benefit you can get by being part of an expert tour group, or the satisfaction knowing that every minutest detail/niggles has been taken care of, but also the incomparable tranquil experience and memories that you gain being part of this group.
And this is where I am Adventure excels in creating the perfect, beautifully managed and smoothest experience.
Having ridden with Akarsh and also many other tour operators, I can confidently proclaim that The Dream Ride to Leh has been the best, most well organized and mesmerizing ride, behind which went a lot of efforts, that immensely helped in shaping the tour impeccably.
From the wakeup call in morning, leaving at dot-precise timing, stopping at every important turn to indicate directions and guiding through every tricky route (may it be river crossing, snow laden roads etc), taking care that every rider traverses safely, clearly determining checkpoints and ensure that every person is brought on time safely to accommodation at end of day and fed properly; everything is organized in seamless way. Not only the organizers, but the other people selected in the group are also cordial, coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures (even other countries) which accounts for a fulfilling and immersive camaraderie during the trip and afterwards.
These points may seem like normal expectations, but in practice they demand a lot of effort and planning which Akarsh and team execute with amazing dexterity. They are a benchmark in delivering punctual, safe, proficiently navigated and harmonious emprise.
Besides this, backup vehicle with mechanic and medical help are a great peace of mind in case of any unfortunate circumstances.
So in conclusion, I would whole heartily recommend riding with ‘I am Adventure’ as I did; even when I came alone and did not know anybody in the group, during the trip I made friends and went home with wonderful memories for a lifetime!


Again thanks a lot for organizing such an amazing, well balanced itinerary and ensuring utmost attention to every detail; everything added up to create a magnificent dream ride 🙂


Sameer Wadhwanihttps://www.facebook.com/sameer.wadhwani.7

To Mr. Akarsh & "I Am Adventure" team,

"Dream Ride" - As the name suggests, Its definitely a Dream ride for each one of us who participated in the ride. We were soooo away from home and for close to 15 days we were out in unknown terrain and i don't think we can expect anything more from your team as you guyz took care of each and every minute detail and made us feel HOME. Our day used to start by hearing tabla being played on our doors to wake us up early in the morning and then the yummy breakfast and then on it was we and our bikes listening to the only music of our RE bikes "dud-dud-duddud-dud-dud" followed by heavy dinner after reaching the destination planned for the day. I was really happy that there was no restrictions being put on how we ride as i specially had come there to enjoy my ride and you guyz kept us going with all the tips and tricks on how to handle each terrain be it PAGAL NAALA's or the slushy roads. You guyz also took care about each ones food taste and managed to get them even when some one feels to have Soups or even Chinese 🙂 The facilities provided such as rooms,food,bike repairs & maintenance was more than what we could have expected and look forward to plan our next rides with your team in the near future.

Hats off for all your efforts in helping us complete the "Dream Ride" with ease 🙂

Wishing "I Am Adventure" all the best in all its future endeavors.

Signing off!!!

Ananth Sr Test Analyst Cerner Corporation, Bangalore

The ride of my life, these jubilant words express the utmost bliss I experienced when I participated in the Ladakh Motorbike tour last August. Traveling on a Royal Enfield Bullet, through the Himalayas all the way up to Pakistan, crossing the highest motor able pass in the world, the Khardung La. Fantastic! All went well due to Akarsh's and I AM ADVENTURE's efforts, experience and organisational skills. Big thanks!

Maarten Van Dijk Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Memories from our trip to Leh ?




And of course full of ADVENTURE !!!!.

Every landscape after every new corner feed my soul with peace, hope and love for life. Ok, ok ok ok ok, some times when a truck was unexpected coming from the blind point trough the corner I felt how the heart stop to beat, my faith suddenly come back and I pray for my life, more that couple of times.

Thanks Akarsh, the trip overpass my expectations.

Maria Guatemala

I took a Dream Ride mixed motorbike and SUV tour while working in Delhi and my co-workers were both happy for me and quite jealous, as taking this trip was a lifetime wish for many of them. I was lucky enough to make it a reality thanks to the experienced guides at I Am Adventure. Akarsh and Raj were the soul of calm coordination, managing dozens of motorcyclists and 4x4ers over twisty mountain roads, often in the rain, far away from any mobile phone reception. I rode in one of the SUVs since I can barely drive a motorbike, but I thought the experience sitll a worthy adventure!

All the things I had been so concerned about, like bathroom facilities, inner-line permits, camp hygiene, the very high altitude, and going on a trip where I knew no one turned out to be no big deal at all! (They were some pretty clean camps! And Diamox works wonders.) I came back to twenty new facebook friends, hundreds of photos & videos, and thousands of memories.

This was the highlight of my time in India. Highly recommended even if you are, like me, shy, prone to light-headedness, and are easily frightened on bumpy roads.


Melissa Fhttp://travel.melissafedak.com/

I live in Canada and love motorcycles. I recently retired and wanted to fulfil my lifelong dream to ride in the northern Himalayas. After a long unsuccessful search on the web to find a partner as I did not want to do this trip alone, I had almost but given up. All the people who replied had their own itineraries which did not suit me.
I also wanted to hike/trek in Himalayas.

Finally I received an email from Akarsh Pall from 'Iamadventure.in'. They were willing to arrange a tailor made itinerary for me. If you know about India you also know that it is hard to find a trustable travel guide/ agent there. So with a lot of suspicion and reservations I agreed to let Akarsh & their team be my guide. 

They not only arranged Delhi/ Lahaul Spiti/ Leh/ Kashmir/ Delhi ROYAL ENFIELD motorcycle ride for me, but also arranged a memorable 8 day long trek in one of the most beautiful places in Himalayas. 'The Valley of flowers' is a high altitude trek that will remain in your memory for ever.

It was my lucky day when I decided to choose 'I Am Adventure' company to look after my needs in India. I always believed that you get what you pay for but 'I Am Adventure' proved me wrong. I did not want to spend too much. At the base price they provided me the base living arrangements in the cleanest hotels/ Inns/ tents that one could imagine. Even though I was prepared for an adventure 'I Am Adventure' surprised me!!!!
Every morning I woke up with a smile and every evening I went to bed very tired but with a smile. 

The advice that Akarsh & team provided me over and above and the time he took 'unpaid' to take me to the best but yet unknown eating places in Delhi will stay in my heart forever. A guide/ a travel agent that I had hired with many reservations have suddenly become a very good and a lifelong friend says it all about AKARSH & his team.

Too bad I don't live in India or I would become an 'I Am Adventure" guide myself. Be warned, you will feel the same if you ever dare to hire 'I Am Adventure'.
I wish…

Ken Dosanjh British Columbia, Canada

You go with other people, you come back with friends,
You go with your limitations, you come back stronger,
You go with your fears, you come back after you conquer,
You go with apprehensions, you come back with memories,
You go for a trip, you come back with an experience!! 

I AM Adventure will ensure that you don't worry about other things -
"how do we reach?", "what should I carry ?" , "what food do I take ?" , "will I be able to do it?", "what if that route is closed?", "how do we come back?"
In fact, they ensure that you DO NOT WORRY AT ALL and concentrate on what you want to do - travel!
You can absolutely be yourself and enjoy nature, adventure and camaraderie of fellow travellers.

- A fellow traveller to The Valley of Flowers

Parth Parth

It was a life time experience which gave me many memories.
Thanks to Akarsh, Harish and team who made it happen for us. They are a pro-friendly team of great explorers who guided us at all the points and made the ride look simple.
All the guys on the trip were awesome and helped each other like a family, no one ever gave up, no matter what the conditions.....!!!
Waiting for the next trip to Ladakh with the same group very eagerly.

Amit Gaikwad Pune, Maharashtra, India

A fortnight of extreme action, fun & enlightenment on the motorbike to Leh Ladakh!!!! One of the most well organised trips. My Kudos to Akarsh and team for meticulous planning & quick smart decisions when required.
The team is passionate about what they do & have a genuine love for people & nature.
My most memorable ride, new words learnt, new friends made, will I do it again?.


Ashok Srinivasm, Pune Director & VP (Engineering) Glam Media

Our friends decided to go for a Ladakh bike trip and we were looking for someone or some company to handle the arrangements as well as be a guide. Akarsh from I am Adventure was a name suggested by one of our friends who knew about the services provided by him. We found him to be quite knowledgeable about not only the routes but also near by areas. The complete journey became a memory of a lifetime, and I am Adventure played a major role in realizing that.

Ved Prakash Pune, Maharashtra, India

I lived in Delhi for about two months doing an internship.  During my internship I traveled extensively with a group of people from my school using I Am Adventure.  We visited Agra, Jaipur, and Amritsar, and our experience at each of these places was awesome.  Akarsh is a great, easygoing tour guide, and having someone with us who knew the culture and spoke the language was very valuable.  Getting around in India can be a serious pain, so having our own car with a driver who knew where to go saved us a lot of time and energy.  On our own, we would never have been able to cover so much ground in one day.  Plus, as mean as it may sound, it was also nice having him around to keep the more aggressive shopkeepers and hustlers from hassling us too much.  I would recommend I Am Adventure to any English-speaking travelers in India as a way to maximize your time in India.

Matt Blythe Portland, Oregon, US

Agra - The trip out and back to Agra was great. The timing was perfect for a weekend adventure - we left early in the morning on Saturday and beat the traffic. We saw some cool temples in Vrindivan, and stopped in Fahtepur Sikri to take a tour of the palace grounds. Then went on to the Agra Fort in the daylight and came back for the light show that evening. Stayed over at a nice hotel and visited the Taj Mahal the next morning when the crowds were thinner and the heat not so oppressive. Akarsh, our driver, pointed out some great sights and was a fun companion - thanks I am adventure for a great trip.

Amritsar - A great option for the summer months when it is difficult to catch a train, the trip to Amritsar was a long and bumpy drive but well worth it. Once there, we also had a chance to see the Wagah Border Ceremony and eat some of Punjab's finest fried fish!

Nolan S Portland, Oregon, US