Why Us



  • A Delhi based Team

    • A head office in the Indian capital, open throughout the year, for efficient coordination between the travel consultant and field logistics. Good stopovers and sound partners in the three corners of the country:
      - North: Ladakh and Himachal Pradesh
      - East: Bhutan
      - West: Bikaner
    • We welcome you! Our small team will plan your trip from A to Z with little and selected outside help.
    • We understand the western expectations and are available at your service 24/7.
    • We go over our routes regularly to redefine our itineraries and to find new routes.
    • We have had the same lodging partners for over 4 years. All the accommodations have been tried and tested with care. We know the owners well and can guarantee you a warm welcome.


  • A group that is neither too big nor too small

    • Presently there are 12 travel professionals working in the company, a small group that allows us to maintain close ties with those who travel with us and with our on-site teams. There is a homely atmosphere but we place professionalism above all! We call it "PRO-PASSION"
    • In case of unforeseen incidents during the trip, the New Delhi team is immediately informed by the on-site team (by cellphone, GPS and local network). We guarantee unfailing adaptability which means we will readjust your itinerary, receive a participant or contact your insurance company.


  • Unfailing Logistics

    • We have our own specialized/ selected bike vendors with NEW 350cc/ 500cc Royal Enfield bikes each having the gears on the left as it is in Europe. Our mechanics work round the clock at our garage and this specialist in Royal Enfield bikes checks and prepares the bikes for every trip. Whether you travel to the Ladakh Himalayas or Rajasthan or to Bhutan, we charter our bikes by truck accompanied by our mechanical team.
    • As far as the camps set up in remote areas are concerned, we use the best available. We go to fixed camps, waiting for us at each stage of the journey where we serve you a hot meal at any time during the trip.


  • On-site guides are available all round the year

    • At I AM ADVENTURE, we have a team / work with a number of freelance guides.
    • All our biker guides live/ travel and work in India all year round and are an integral part of the team. Not only do they know the terrain inside out but they have also helped decide the route and in the logistic preparation of your trip.


  • We travel as a Family

    • A trip to India leaves its mark on you; that is why we maintain close ties with our travelers.
    • Friends who have joined us would love to tell you their I AM ADVENTURE experience. Don't hesitate to share your plans with these enthusiasts via our website, our blog or by contacting them directly.


  • There is something to fit every pocket

    Given that India is such a huge country, we are offering you tours to a number of destinations which are as rich as they are varied. The concept of touring in India is not expensive with a starting price from Rs.30,000/ rider, our prices vary depending upon the region you would like to visit. As it happens, sometimes we send our bikes to the other end of the country. India is still an accessible bike destination compared to the US or Europe. You can easily buy a return ticket for 700 to 1,000 U.S. dollars.


Because you deserve to get the best experience.


So what are you waiting for?

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    Delhi +91 98118 29449 | Ladakh +91 98188 49449
    Himachal +91 98681 29449 | South India +91 97423 13856

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