Agra - The trip out and back to Agra was great. The timing was perfect for a weekend adventure - we left early in the morning on Saturday and beat the traffic. We saw some cool temples in Vrindivan, and stopped in Fahtepur Sikri to take a tour of the palace grounds. Then went on to the Agra Fort in the daylight and came back for the light show that evening. Stayed over at a nice hotel and visited the Taj Mahal the next morning when the crowds were thinner and the heat not so oppressive. Akarsh, our driver, pointed out some great sights and was a fun companion - thanks I am adventure for a great trip.

Amritsar - A great option for the summer months when it is difficult to catch a train, the trip to Amritsar was a long and bumpy drive but well worth it. Once there, we also had a chance to see the Wagah Border Ceremony and eat some of Punjab's finest fried fish!

Nolan S, Portland, Oregon, US