There are a plethora of options available on how to reach the renowned paradise: Leh-Ladakh. But what really makes the difference and literally turns it into THE DREAM RIDE is the 'way' in which this journey is undertaken.
It’s not only a question of how much benefit you can get by being part of an expert tour group, or the satisfaction knowing that every minutest detail/niggles has been taken care of, but also the incomparable tranquil experience and memories that you gain being part of this group.
And this is where I am Adventure excels in creating the perfect, beautifully managed and smoothest experience.
Having ridden with Akarsh and also many other tour operators, I can confidently proclaim that The Dream Ride to Leh has been the best, most well organized and mesmerizing ride, behind which went a lot of efforts, that immensely helped in shaping the tour impeccably.
From the wakeup call in morning, leaving at dot-precise timing, stopping at every important turn to indicate directions and guiding through every tricky route (may it be river crossing, snow laden roads etc), taking care that every rider traverses safely, clearly determining checkpoints and ensure that every person is brought on time safely to accommodation at end of day and fed properly; everything is organized in seamless way. Not only the organizers, but the other people selected in the group are also cordial, coming from diverse backgrounds and cultures (even other countries) which accounts for a fulfilling and immersive camaraderie during the trip and afterwards.
These points may seem like normal expectations, but in practice they demand a lot of effort and planning which Akarsh and team execute with amazing dexterity. They are a benchmark in delivering punctual, safe, proficiently navigated and harmonious emprise.
Besides this, backup vehicle with mechanic and medical help are a great peace of mind in case of any unfortunate circumstances.
So in conclusion, I would whole heartily recommend riding with ‘I am Adventure’ as I did; even when I came alone and did not know anybody in the group, during the trip I made friends and went home with wonderful memories for a lifetime!


Again thanks a lot for organizing such an amazing, well balanced itinerary and ensuring utmost attention to every detail; everything added up to create a magnificent dream ride 🙂


Sameer Wadhwani,