I took a Dream Ride mixed motorbike and SUV tour while working in Delhi and my co-workers were both happy for me and quite jealous, as taking this trip was a lifetime wish for many of them. I was lucky enough to make it a reality thanks to the experienced guides at I Am Adventure. Akarsh and Raj were the soul of calm coordination, managing dozens of motorcyclists and 4x4ers over twisty mountain roads, often in the rain, far away from any mobile phone reception. I rode in one of the SUVs since I can barely drive a motorbike, but I thought the experience sitll a worthy adventure!

All the things I had been so concerned about, like bathroom facilities, inner-line permits, camp hygiene, the very high altitude, and going on a trip where I knew no one turned out to be no big deal at all! (They were some pretty clean camps! And Diamox works wonders.) I came back to twenty new facebook friends, hundreds of photos & videos, and thousands of memories.

This was the highlight of my time in India. Highly recommended even if you are, like me, shy, prone to light-headedness, and are easily frightened on bumpy roads.


Melissa F, http://travel.melissafedak.com/