You go with other people, you come back with friends,
You go with your limitations, you come back stronger,
You go with your fears, you come back after you conquer,
You go with apprehensions, you come back with memories,
You go for a trip, you come back with an experience!! 

I AM Adventure will ensure that you don't worry about other things -
"how do we reach?", "what should I carry ?" , "what food do I take ?" , "will I be able to do it?", "what if that route is closed?", "how do we come back?"
In fact, they ensure that you DO NOT WORRY AT ALL and concentrate on what you want to do - travel!
You can absolutely be yourself and enjoy nature, adventure and camaraderie of fellow travellers.

- A fellow traveller to The Valley of Flowers

Parth, Parth