Tour of Romania & Munich


The ‘Munich to Romania Motorcycle Tour’ guides you through an amazing journey of the Carpathian Mountains! We will have the chance to ride on famous passes such as Transfagarasan and Transalpina, we will admire beautiful lakes and visit impressive castles. On our way, we will taste delicious traditional food and get to know the locals on our rides through small villages, this tour will be an unforgettable one!


Day 01 - Munich – Gherlitzen 407 km

This is the first day of our adventure tour! We will meet in Munich at NH München Unterhaching Hotel.
After a short introduction, we are ready to ride! We hope to have in the group excited riders that are looking forward to discovering new places!

Day 02 - Gerlitzen – Balaton 418 km

We ride our motorcycles towards Hungary, a country with excellent food and great riding roads! We have the chance to admire one of the most beautiful lakes in Europe, Balaton lake in Hungary

Day 03 - Balaton – Timisoara 420 km

After enjoying the culture of Hungary, we ride our motorcycles towards spectacular Romania! We end the day in Timisoara city which is one of the most beautiful cities in Romania which features amazing architecture, medieval churches, and Baroque art museums. Timisoara is also chosen to be Europe’s Capital of Culture in 2021!

Day 04 - Timisoara – Voineasa 420 km

We plan for this day one of the most beautiful passes in Romania, Transalpina famous pass. Full of serpentines, Transalpina is the highest pass in Romania with an altitude of 2100 meters, a place where you can ride above the clouds!

Day 05 - Voineasa - Transfagarasan – Brasov 350 km

Another amazing pass is on our plan! Transfagarasan famous pass is according to Top Gear “the most beautiful road in the world!”
We enjoy the beautiful pass and make a stop at Vidraru Dam, one of the most spectacular dams in Europe!
Our final destination is Brasov, a medieval town located in the heart of the Carpathian Mountains

Day 06 - Brasov – Sighisoara - Bicaz 281 km

We visit in the morning the amazing Bran castle also known as “Dracula Castle”. We continue our ride towards another amazing town, Sighisoara. Full of history and magic, Sighisoara is a medieval town, the only fortified city in Europe!
On our way to our final destination, we will ride on the beautiful Bicaz gorge, one of the most famous passes in Romania.

Day 07 - Bicaz – Viseul de Sus 239 km

We ride towards the north of Romania, the region where history meets the traditions, a place with amazing landscapes and wonderful people!
On our way, we will get the chance to ride through Rodna and Maramures mountains and admire the beauty of the Carpathian Mountains!

Day 08 - Rest Day

This day takes you back to history, today we will explore the mountains region with the steam train, the outstanding experience of cultural heritage! We will spend most of our day discovering the aria on the 21 km route of the famous steam train. We will also have the chance to meet the local people and taste the delicious local traditional food.

Day 09 - Viseul de Sus - Kosice 397 km

Time to get back on the motorcycles! We head our bikes towards a famous highlight in Romania, Sapanta cemetery! Also known as “Merry Cemetery”, the famous location is unique in the world! A UNESCO World Heritage Protected Site, Sapanta cemetery reveals a very colorful tombstone with native paintings which describe in a poetic and funny way scenes from the people inside.
It is time to leave behind beautiful Romania and cross the border to another beautiful country, Hungary!
We make a short break at the famous Tokaj wines region and ride our motorcycles to amazing Slovakia!

Day 10 - Kosice - Banska 260 km

We will have the chance today to ride on one of the most beautiful passes in the Tatra Mountains, Slovakia! With an elevation of 2,655 meters, Tatra Mountains offers an incredible landscape, a ride that you will never forget!

Day 11 - Baska - Viena 278 km

We will leave behind the beautiful winter resort and ride our motorcycles to a medieval town, one of the Habsburg cities, Bratislava was once the capital city of Hungary in 1536. We make a short break and visit the city and ride our motorcycles towards another amazing town, Viena where we will spend the rest of the day.

Day 12 - Viena – Munich 437 km

Time to get back to Germany! The ride will cross through some nice passes in Austria with destination: Home! We hope that you enjoy the trip and the memories will last until the next one!

Farewell, Good Bye, Auf Wiedersehen!

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